Growing Talent – Goldsmiths Hall Exhibition

Growing Talent Exhibition, Goldsmiths Hall, March 11th – April 13th 2013

“Growing Talent”, the exhibition focuses on a diverse group of jewellers and silversmiths who have been nurtured by the Goldsmiths’ Company over the past decade. Through striking examples of their work, this fascinating exhibition visually demonstrates how these talented young craftspeople have blossomed since they first exhibited as recent graduates at Goldsmiths’ Fair.

Sapphire Brooch & Calla Diamond Earrings


I was lucky enough to have been given a Goldsmiths bursary to help me get started at my first year exhibiting at the prestigious goldsmiths fair four years ago. Each jeweller and silversmith will exhibit a piece from their very first Goldsmiths’ Fair as well as a current piece made especially for the exhibition. The exhibition will be accompanied by a brochure full of images and a Q & A Section for each maker. We had to select a piece of jewellery or silversmithing that we would like to own, for me it would have to be anything from the very talented Adi Toch, someday I will treat myself!!

Adi Toch vessels