Ruby – July Birthstone

//Ruby – July Birthstone

Ruby – July Birthstone

My birthday is in July so I thought it would be apt to write a little blog about Rubies! Below is a brief insight into the history of rubies and images of some of the most famous rubies in the world.

Moguk Ruby

Burma is known to mine some of the finest rubies in the world, with the region of Moguk producing some of the most famous rubies still to this day. Historically the ruby has always been treasured by early cultures because of their similarity to blood, and so it was thought that a ruby held the power of life. The “king of gems” was a true stone of nobility and warriors also used rubies as a talisman for invincibility in battle. Above is the Alan Caplan Ruby , a 15.97ct ruby named after the geologist that discovered it in the Mogok region of Burma. It held the record for the highest price per carat from 1988 until 2006.

A natural ruby crystal

Above is an image of mined natural ruby crystal. It is then turned into the stunning rubies that we know. Below is an image of the famous Graff Ruby .

Graff ruby official

As of May 2015 Cartier’s Sunrise Ruby  (below) has been recorded as the most expensive ruby in the world, selling at a Sotheby’s auction for £19, 473, 422 ($30, 335, 698). The cushion shaped gemstone weighs in at 25.95cts and has what is known in the trade as a very desirable “pigeon blood red” hue. It has been hailed as a “unique treasure of nature” by the Swiss Gemmological Institute for its incredible rarity. This is due to the perfect balance of size, purity and an exceedingly attractive hue of ruby red.

Sunrise Ruby Press

I also have a couple of images of the Entwine pendant from the Minuet range and a ruby Falling Ribbon ring from the Gathered Gold collection. You can see how much the characteristics of rubies vary, with these pieces having a more pinky, summery hue. This hue works really well with 18ct gold.

Jess Falling Ribbon

Jess Entwine Ruby

Gemstones are beautiful and fascinating and I love sharing my knowledge with clients. Unfortunately Burma is one country amongst many to be subjected to unethical mining conditions, consequently leading to the global sale of unethically sourced gemstones. I always ensure that my gemstones are sourced ethically.