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Sea Mist


On acquiring an education in Art College and in traditional goldsmithing skills Jessica moved from Ireland to London. Over 4 years she worked for various well-known names within the jewellery industry before setting up her own business in 2008. Driven by quality and craft every piece is hand made by Jessica in her London workshop and all diamonds are of high quality and sourced through ethical means.

"My aim is to create pieces that are of contemporary design and still retain the craft and skill of traditional techniques. I enjoy the meticulous process of jewellery making, and derive a great sense of achievement and satisfaction in bringing a piece from the design concept through to the finished article. Inspired by fluid forms and soft clean lines I am drawn to sensuous objects. It may be voluptuous folds in fabric or meandering ripples in a pond. It is this notion that I endeavor to create in my work. I strive for elegant simplicity in my jewellery that I hope will be ageless and endure the fickle nature of fashion."